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6 Cool Vim Plugins

1. Easy Motion

EasyMotion provides a quick way to navigate between your code. The plugin highlights all possible words with an alphabet where your cursor can be moved. The default key to highlight the possibilities is: \\w

Get this plugin: Vim EasyMotion

2. CtrlP

CtrlP is a fuzzy file finder. It is a quick way to open files. It can find files in:

  1. In your current buffer.
  2. List files in the directory of the file that you are currently editing.
  3. Open file in a tabbed window.
  4. ...
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Deploying A Rails Application On Apache

You have built an awesome application using Ruby on Rails, and have no idea how to make it available to the world wide web. By the end of this tutorial, you will have your application up and running on Apache. We will be using passenger with Apache in this post. So, let's get started.

1. Install Dependecies:

Run $ bundle install to install all the gems specified in the Gemfile.

2. Database Production Settings & Migrations:

Assuming you are in the root directory of your project, open your...

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