By Swaroop SM

1. Easy Motion

EasyMotion provides a quick way to navigate between your code. The plugin highlights all possible words with an alphabet where your cursor can be moved. The default key to highlight the possibilities is: \\w

Get this plugin: Vim EasyMotion

2. CtrlP

CtrlP is a fuzzy file finder. It is a quick way to open files. It can find files in:

  1. In your current buffer.
  2. List files in the directory of the file that you are currently editing.
  3. Open file in a tabbed window.

It has an excellent documentation and you can find more options and features that the ones that are listed above.

Get this plugin: CtrlP

3. Emmet-Vim

Emmet is a plugin that improves HTML & CSS workflow. For instance assume the following html5 doctype declaration:

<html lang="en">
    <meta charset="UTF-8">


It would be great if you can insert the above snippet, each time you start a new html web page. By using this plugin, it greatly decreases the time to code your webpage that consists a lot off markup. You can also enter a div or span tag with an id or class attribute quickly.

Get this plugin: Emmet-VIM

4. Vim Multiple Cursors

Do you envy Sublime Text Multiple Selection? Well not any more. Vim Multiple Cursors is an attempt to accomplish this feature. Here are some ways to achieve this.

To select multiple words and replace:

  • Place the cursor under a word, press ctrl+n to select this word.
  • You can press ctrl+x to skip the word.
  • Press c to change the word

To make the most of this plugin check this:

Get this plugin: Vim Multiple Cursors

5. Instant Markdown:

If you always use a README in your project, and you keep updating it frequently and would love to preview it before you push it to a code hosting service(if you are using one), such as Github, then Instant Markdown is the plugin that can let this happen.

The plugin updates the display in realtime, as you are editing your markdown file. By default, this plugin will open the files in a browser with localhost:port as soon as you open .markdown, .mdown and If you would like this plugin to work for any .md files, then install vim-markdown.

Get this plugin: Instant Markdown

6. gtfo

This plugin allows you to open the directory and the terminal of the file currently you are editing.

gof allows you to open the directory of the file that you are currently editing.

got allows you to open the terminal at the direcory of the file that you are currently editing.

Get this plugin: gtfo

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